Devouring Star – Demo [Finland, Black / Death] (2014)

Sarlacc Productions | 3-2-14

Sarlacc Productions | 3-2-14

Again, I feel that “dates” are sort of up in the air when it comes to demos. Finish black/death act technically self released their demo in December of 2013 but the 2014 pressing by Sarlacc productions feels like an official date. In demo-land, things are hazy and ambiguous but I have a feeling I want Devouring Star’s first demo included in discussions with 2014.

Many good things have come from Finland as of late and the chaotic horde known as Devouring Star is no different. With equal appendages in both black and death metal, the band both swaggers and tackles with a demo teetering on structure-less chaos. At times when there is order, it comes in the form of oppressive blast beats and swarm like vocals. Within this anarchy however, amid the rubble and violence, lies some exceptional and undeniable black/death.

It took until the outro of “Todestrieb ” with its droning jamming, to realize the depths in which Devouring Star travels. Much like other angular metal acts (Mitochondrion, Dodechahedron), Devouring Star executes plays music which sounds inverted or at least working against the tides. The band’s demo shines in short bursts with the length extraordinary in its brief 12 minutes. Perhaps this is why people still enjoy getting demos as it allows brief glimpses of potential from acts which have gone unnoticed for too long. I demand Devouring Star be included in our talks of 2014 releases.