Suma – You’re Such a Disappointment [Sweden, Stoner Doom] (2005 – 2012)

Tartarus Records | 2-28-14

Tartarus Records | 2-28-14

I feel compilations are important as they could potential be an introduction to a little known band. Suma is a Swedish stoner doom act who spent the bulk of the 00’s making splits with other psych, doom, and sludge acts of similar fame. This is to say relativity obscure. For all of the time Suma spent in the shows, You’re Such a Disappointment is here to remind everyone compilations are important and potentially slap to the face that everyone needs to look harder for these types of bands. Prepare oneself for a trip in the ether where monsters are capable of materializing.

Suma’s brand of sludge doom lays on the more psychedelic side with tracks ranging from 9 minutes to the acid trip length of 17. the fact that most of these tracks appeared on cassettes would be a strong indication of one track taking up a full side. This top heavy nature of the release fits the music as Sum’a mind warping doom needs only one song for introductions. This fact is a little surprising given the stark black and white cover which is indicative of sludge. Just the The fact it is a roach has lead me to the conclusion I was thinking of the wrong idea. Regardless of misinterpretations, You’re Such a Disappointment skirts on the dark side of stoner doom with some cold noise and dangerous jamming which leads to a surprisingly effective compilation.

Stoner doom can be wonderful for its versatility. While it has its mind out towards the cosmos, it also has the low end of menacing back at home. Songs like “2$ Haircut” and “Don’t Feed the Pigs” may seem innocuous but at the end of its noisy drone, Suma appears to be less stoned than other bands of similar sound. Well, maybe as stoned just more capable of harm. Additionally, the combination of drug and conspiracy influenced sound clips make songs like “Acidlindgren” a phenomenally weird success. Suma is the guy who ate too many mushrooms and is going to ruin someone’s trip by the end of the night. It is a type of jagged adventure which perhaps haunted the early days of sludge and the crashing end of the psychedelic revolution.