Forlorn Kingdom – Northern Spirits Call From Afar [Italy, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 3-15-120

Dungeon Synth has an air of mystery and sheltered presence. The act of uncovering recordings from the past seems to be part and parcel for a bedroom genre shrouded in cloaks and daggers. Northern Spirits Call From Afar is a rerelease of music made between 2013-2019 and limited to a handful of private cassettes. The music then made it to a compilation which was split, last year, between two releases Walking The Paths Of Old and Distant Apparitions. Now, Dungeons Deep Records presents almost the entire work of Forlorn Kingdom and the mysterious entity known as Grimroth on one record. All of this fanfare frames a wonderfully crafted array of icy castles, ghostly fog and lofi dungeon crawling which is both stately as well as haunted. As of writing this review, there are currently 24 of 150 copies of this tape left and I expect it not to last much longer.