Umbria – The Sleeping Wizard [Spain, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 3-25-20

There will come a time when my daily search of dungeon synth will either lead to suboptimal releases or things that came out during the period when I stopped looking at daily releases. There will come a time when things will slow down and I will not be mystified by a wonderful release from a new artist. Today is not that day. The Sleeping Wizard is the fourth release from this Spaniard and is so dynamic with its production, I am sort of taken aback at how immersive these soundscapes can be. From the regal quality of “Path of the Fae Knight” to the mysterious carnival of “Mystic Fungus Potion Fermentation,” The Sleep Wizard is a step beyond bedroom dungeon synth into something much more that I have yet to understand.