Anhifohr – Condemned To Endless Sacrifice [US, Black] (2020)


Self Released | 4-10-20

I feel this EP warrants a little patience. I say this because the whole of Condemned to Endless Sacrifice is ultimately worth the time it takes to get used to the sound. This EP is noisy and rough with its production to the point of abuse. Once one gets past the intro and the intro of the second son however, they are treated to the sounds of groovy black metal in the shape of concrete slabs which are lobbed at them. This is all for fun however as the experience conducted by Anhifohr can only be described as a symphony of psychological terror with monsters stalking in the shadows. There are few polished parts in this EP with songs beginning right away and fading out when they do not need to. Everything though about this EP is part and parcel to the experience of ultimate ruin and demise.