Nan Morlith – Âdhûn & Fangorn [Ireland, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Gondolin Records | 4-6-20

It is fun when I find artists from a few years. Nan Morlith contributed a song for the Dungeon Synth Compilation I curated in 2017. “Of Mim, Last of the Petty Dwarves” was a playful synthscape of Tolkien lore and deep escapism and initally got me interested in this Irish artist. Âdhûn & Fangorn is not new rather a compilation of two 2016 releases now on Gondolin Records. Though the artist has been quiet for a few years since the releases of 2017, Âdhûn & Fangorn is still a wonderful chance to revisit or introduce yourself to the brassy tones of a world very far away.