The Nameless King – Downfall of Drangleic [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 4-17-20

“Drangleic is the kingdom where the events of Dark Souls II take place. The protagonist will have to venture into this treacherous land in order to find a cure for their curse. Like Boletaria in Demon’s Souls and Lordran in Dark Souls, Drangleic was once a powerful and prosperous land which fell into decadence and damnation after a series of unfortunate events.”

The Dark Souls universe and series of video games is not far from the realm of fantasy and thus inspiration for dungeon synth. While the Dark Souls universe is not as popular for inspiration as compared to Tolkien or pulp writers like Robert E Howard and Michael Moorcock, it is not absurd to have a dungeon synth record based on the events and lore of Dark Souls. In fact, it is quite fitting and surprising when it is not as bleak as one would imagine. the Nameless King is not new and in fact Downfall of Drangleic is the artists 4th proper release. These releases are also outside of the other outfit the creator helms which is the well regarded Halberdier project. Much like Halberdier, The Namless King is marked with lush instrumentation and a deep sense of calm which lays over a bleak landscape.