Augrimmer – Pantaleimon Speaks / Lynx [Germany, Black] (2020)


Self Released | 4-5-20

I love that artwork. What a fantastic cover. Augrimmer has been around for a while, in fact, the band has been releasing music for a decade and has been an actual band since the late 90’s. This single/demo represents my first experience with them and by all accounts, Augrimmer has the formula for a chilly black metal record down to a science. With the two shortish songs on this release, Augrimmer swoops like a specter chasing its quarry through dense woods. The adherence to black metal is just as impressive as the bands ability to make the whole spectacle fun and polished. Whether or not Pantaleimon Speaks / Lynx is a herald to s forthcoming release, we will not know until later. For now, enjoy these two songs as you run through the woods with a feeling of dread coming from above you.