Bespin Moons – A Binding Force [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 4-16-20

I passed over this release two or three times since I did not initially pick up on its entire vibe. From what I saw, I thought Bespin Moons was a synthwave record wrongly tagged as dungeon synth. To my surprise not only was it dungeon synth, and fantastic dungeon synth at that, but this was also dedicated to the Star Wars universe. Suddenly everything made sense including the cover which looks like the Kenner action figure from the late 70’s. I feel a little silly missing this as finally listening to A Binding Force has propelled this record from cast away to one of the best releases in recent memory for its effortless worship of a speculative universe that eschews traditional high fantasy. Everything works, from the soundclips to the song titles to the traditional dungeon synth that is now on far planets in a galaxy far far away.