Bythos – Womb of Zero [Finland, Black] (2020)



This was waiting to be found. TERRATUR POSSESSIONS is not going to be some hidden gem label as they have released some important records not least many of Icelandic black albums that took up the mid 00’s. I do not know how I got here but this was just released and I was here anyway so here we go. Bythos is a new entity with not much in the way of information but that is the main aesthetic for many bands. Production wise, Womb of Zero is on the higher end with swirling melodies that never dissolve into noise. These melodies are anchored by harsh vocals which, for as strange as it sounds, are accessible for the gravely quality. Bythos for all of its Luciferian orthodox motif is a black metal album that potential crossover appeal as solid listenable black metal record supported by a label with a few years of experience to their name.