Old Tower – The Last Eidolon [Netherlands, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Profound Lore | 4 -24-20

Old Tower was one of dungeon synth’s biggest success stories. From the 2017 release of The Rise of the Specter to the 2017 Bandcamp article, which for a time feature the album cover as its main graphic, to the 2018 release of Stellary Wisdom on Profound Lore, Old Tower seemed to propel from the basement to playing real live shows at real live festivals with real live people. This success story was also cheered on by the community as Old Tower’s music, despite its increasing popularity was never maligned or questioned in terms of authenticity as this Dutch composer paid tribute to dungeon synths history with dark ruminating passages of dungeon dwelling symphonies. The Last Eidolon comes after the composer’s foray into the bleaker dark ambient genre with the result being a slower, darker, more minimalist take on traditional dungeon synth. This is dungeon synth as it is suffocated by dark ambient as the last few regal breathes are consumed by the void.