Feral Light – Life Vapor [US, Black / Rock] (2020)


Self Released | 5-22-20

This was tagged as “Black ‘n’ Roll” in both Bandcamp and Metal Archives but I am just going to tag it as rock until further notice. I have no idea what constitutes Black ‘n’ Roll but I feel it should be more of a cohesive sound than influences of hard rock. Feral Life is strange but it is their ambiguity which works in their favor. This Us act has a cover which is pulling into the harsh dissonant black / death direction but a sound which is pushing into post metal territory. The band also has a longer history than most of the acts covered on this blog with 3 full lengths in a few short years. Also with a lyrical shift from war to mysticism, it seems like this band is going to take a little bit to bloom into the horrid creature it is becoming. For now we maybe in the evolving stages and for that, Life Vapor is full of intrigue and crisp songwriting that I am strangely okay with all of this.