Synthosaurus – Gigantic Throne [Germany, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 4-27-20

I am going to preload this review by saying I feel the goofiness of this record is way over the top. This is even accounting for the other Synthosaurus record has a T. Rex playing a synth on the cover. Dungeon synth is not far from comedy but Synthosaurus not only rips the veil of reverence off but paints sparkly dinosaurs on it with glitter glue. Add to this the half baked story of scientists uncovering music recorded by dinosaurs and you ave something that you could probably dispose of or never have encountered in the first place. Perhaps in the only possibly twist of fate, Synthosaurus overcomes their own self imposed hurdles and presents a record so astounding in execution that it is baffling it works. This is not to say the heavy handed sound effects dont make for a chuckle rather, Synthosaurus traverses the prehistoric lands before veils of secrecy and self importance and frolics in the jungles of new age inspired synth in a land that time has forgotten.