Axis of Light – Axis of Light [UK, Black] (2020)


Self Released | 6-1-20

I remember first hearing Axis of Light on the Fallen Empire/SVN OKKLT compilation in 2013. Incidentally that was my first exposure to the type of raw black that I still appreciate today. The first three songs on that compilation were a shredding combination of Axis of Light, Witch in Her Tomb, and Death Fortress. Almost ten years old, Fallen Empire and the rest of its roster has moved on to other things with some of them being tremendous. Axis of Light’s newest EP gives me the same type of feeling I had in 2013 even though it is a new decade and we have both seen so much. With only one song shared, the harsh veil of noise is still present though with melodic and almost post black (?) hooks hiding in the back. The band’s page is directing all proceeds to charity and all signs are pointing to a great EP that is going to cast a net of nostalgic noise.