Ritual Mass – Abhorred in the Eyes of God [US, Death] (2020)


Caligari Records | 6-19-20

I have said it before, and Ill say it again — If any record label could have a blind subscription where I would pay X amount of money to be sent new tapes monthly, I think Caligari would be the my first choice. Over the years, this label has consistently dredged up some of the grossest and sustainably death/black/? in recent memory. They have become so consistent that sharing Caligari links to friends sort of becomes expected as the hyperlink is usually a signpost to something vile and riffy. Ritual Mass is no different with a makeover of their 2019 EP in resdesigned tape artwork and presentation. I know this came out in 2019 but most of us are hearing it for the first time so we are just going to let that slide down some slimy catacomb where devils devour the dead.