Flowermage – Lily of the Valley [?, Dungeon Synth / Ambient] (2020)


Swallowed Key Productions | 5-8-20

I had to put my headphones on for this one and I suggest you do the same. Swallowed Key productions is an odd label. With an array of releases in 2019, it has quietly established itself as a dealer in weirdo oddities ranging from noise to drone to ambient dungeon synth that I am almost positive is from the same person. With the arcane permission for supporters to dub these releases onto tape (?), Swallowed Key is the strange guy in the corner with the pointy hat and unsettling smile. Flowermage’s release is the first for Swallowed Key in 2020 and is a short but effective slab of dark ambient which carries dungeon synth above the ghostly treeline. Never-mind the quasi religious text which accompanies the Bandcamp, this release is for a few people who want to befriend the strange guy in the pointy hat.