Polar Keep – Polar Keep [US?, Dungeon Synth / Ambient] (2020)


Skventhrone | 5-11-20

Skaventhrone is a label that is presumably based in New Zeland ans also presumably the landing zone for a bunch of fringe dungeon synth, noise, and ambient musicians. Looking through past releases, I noticed a few familiar names and a bunch more I did not. Polar Keep is the debut release from one of the composers from Shrouded Gate. Where Shrouded Gate created lofi kingdoms on their releases, Polar Keep travels to barren ice wastes foe a chilling record of winter synth. I actually do not know if that is even a tag people use anymore but this is dungeon synth dedicated to empires of desolate ice and snow where the most oppressive thing is the synth which burns your face and fingers with cold.