Profane Congregation – Apocalyptic Visions [Finland, Raw Black] (2020)


Morbid Chapel Records | 5-11-20

Full disclosure: This 25 minute full length was released in 2016 on Astral Temple with a tape run of 100 copies. This current distribution is a CD run at 500 copies on Morbid Chapel records. I do not know where to put this as sometimes I bump up the years for releases that never saw the light of day until the next calendar year with a larger distribution. This is a 2016 record but I am sure everyone is hearing it in 2020. If this sort of thing does not bother you and you are just here for longform shredding raw black that swirls like specters around graven monuments, then Apocalyptic Visions is for you. I know it is for me but I just dont know when it is.