Elador – The Last Journey [Russia, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 5-14-20

It is sort of charming the new Elador comes with the frank apology of being inactive due to school and service in the Army. I always like it when dungeon synth drops its veil of secrecy and reveals very real people with real lives playing apart in this elaborate escapism. Back in 2015, Elador released a split with Medhelan called ​A Crown of Ice and Stone. That was my first dungeon synth tape purchase which led me into a frantic collector phase which I still have today. Elador’s last proper release was 2017 and like some other artists, are slowly getting back into the scene with fantastic records. Elador for anyone new is an orchestral styled artist who takes large cues from the soundtracks of Skyrim. In fact, I think there was an EP dedicated to the world of Skyrim. The Last Journey is the return of Elador but unlike the last few records, this one has pronounced sound effects and wandering melodies which is a bit jarring at times but seems to be working towards something greater. I always enjoy listening to Elador and nit just because of my history but rather this is n artist who is honest and genuine and is just a real person making fantasy ambient.