LVA – ΑΣ ΑΡΧΙΣΕΙ Η ΤΕΛΕΤΗ [Italy, Black] (2020)


Ascension Records | 6-5-20

This release comes to us from Ascension Records which is based in Mexico with an Italian black metal act who seems to have figured out their visual identity. The cover for ΑΣ ΑΡΧΙΣΕΙ Η ΤΕΛΕΤΗ is a grand departure from the bands 2017 debut. Instead of a large white logo, the cover for ΑΣ ΑΡΧΙΣΕΙ Η ΤΕΛΕΤΗ is adorned with subtle black and red occultic imagery. This coincides with the black/red album cover trend which quite frankly works to give the music an ominous quality. While we are not given the full release quite yet, the sheer ferocity of the preview track is enough to make me wait for a few weeks until I can hear the rest of it.