bomBARDed – OST V [US, Soundtrack / Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 5-19-20

There really inst a good genre for this since this is not truly dungeon synth. If I would throw out a few genres I would have to put them with caveats. This is Video Game Music but its not from a video game. This is a soundtrack but it is not from a movie. This is dungeon synth only in spirit. This is music from a podcast that is about D&D adventures and it is absolutely wonderful. bomBARDed is a D&D podcast whose background music is composed by a Texas band called Lindby. I am not sure if the members are playing the game but the podcast is what you can expect from a D&D podcast. The music in the podcasts is situated in the background and would not be so remarkable if it were not showcased on this record. OST V is ostensibly the 5th release from this series and for all intents and purposes and for all of its caveats brings a sense of escapist wonder with tidbits of magic and wonder.