Dkharmakhaoz – Proclamation ov the Black Suns [Belarus, Black] (2020)


Iron Bonehead | 7-21-20

At this moment of writing, Dkharmakhaoz does not have a Metal Archives page and there is only one track available for streaming. The full album is not suppose to release for another few months and already I can feel the wave of hype building. This certainly comes with the support of Iron Bonehead as the label as well as the mastering by V. Kusabs who has lent his talent to numerous bands of high caliber both as a front man and as technical support. I can also foresee a time when I will have to copy and post this band name since I will 100% never be able to remember it. Add to that some cryptically dark album art and a more out of the way country like Belarus and you have a recipe for a wave of excitement.