Ranseur – Elves, The Primordial [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 6-28-20

I can remember the releases from Ranseur in the mid 00’s right around when dungeon noise was causing rifts among the DS scene. Ranseur was not noise rather a primitive approach to an already bare style. I still have my tape of Obsidian Throne which I got through the primitive tape label Path of Silence which made everything more exciting. I do not know how to frame this release as I do not think Elves, The Primordial is for everyone even those who are into dungeon synth. what I feel about Elves, The Primordial is that if you are already subscribed to the idea of experimentation that it might be the perfect place to start for an artist that is the living embodiment of the hermit character and this newest release is a basket of strange mushrooms they picked from the forest. Whimsical and melodious these wandering sketches are approachable and showcase the artists love for the music without the hurdles of raw lo fidelity. Elves, The Primordial makes me remember Ransuer and appreciate hearing this type of music once again.