VERIKYYNELEET – Ilman Kuolemaa [Finland, Black] (2020)


Self Released | 8-21-20

I would like to think of this site as a place that we all find new music that is scattered among Bandcamp. VERIKYYNELEET is not new and their debut on I, Voidhanger Records is not the typical self release on 10 cassettes that is normally seen on this site. It is okay since VERIKYYNELEET has spent a considerable amount of time in the shadows of the 00’s making raw depressive black metal demos. 2019 saw the first release in more than 10 years with Melacholic and Ilman Kuolemaa is the proper debut for the artist. For as long as this record took to be made, it feels like there is a lifetime’s work build into the very structure of the music. Harsh and abrasive, Ilman Kuolemaa breathes catharsis as a depressive black metal offering that feels like it needed to be made rather than wanted.