Sea Of Voices & Shy Guy 64 – REDREAM ESILICON METAGRAPHICS [ザタイピング ! オブザデッド] [


Self Released | 6-24-20

“Projecting a psychedelic medieval dungeon exploration in music: monsters, beasts and foes are around the corner. Powerful and mysterious forces decide the fate of Gaia and the world. Time is convoluted.”

If the title did not tip you off, this is going to be non traditional dungeon synth. I will give everyone a chance to clear out if they came for proper and serious sounding dungeon synth. With that out of the way, what an absolute dream this release is and with a sound I never thought I would be into until hearing it for the first time here. DungeonWave or VaporDungeon is the creation of two artists with the goal of making music that fuses the fantasy of dungeon synth with the hypnogogic irony of vaporwave. The result is something that is insatiably tied to the aesthetics of vaporwave with its title conventions but is, at its spirit bound to the the realm of escapism.