Ages of Blood – Pagan Medieval Aristocracy [Argentina, Black] (2020)


Death Kvlt Productions | 7-2-20

I love Death Kvlt and I love they gather bands that fit a certain aesthetic. I cant help but chuckle at the fact that Ages of Blood is pre ordering their demo on vinyl and the fact it is already sold out. Everyone must be aware that this is going to be a stellar debut from an artist that I had not heard about before today. Pagan Medieval Aristocracy fits a mood and that mood is a fog-ridden clearing in the woods with the spire of an abandoned castle in the back. In these two songs with two book-ending instrumentals, there is a sense of assurance that this music is going to find an audience and a home in peoples hearts. I say this because I feel it has found a home in my heart and for all its weird eccentricities with melody, I can see this being discussed throughout the year and hopefully beyond.