Húrin – Lord of Waters [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 7-17-20

I do listen to many releases that are sent to my email. I usually listen to more dungeon synth than metal but that is only because there are less dungeon synth promo rings emailing me everyday. Most of the time is when the artist sends me a message and I get to listen to an spectacular album I may not have found on my daily searches. Húrin is a US based composer who has taken the very familiar path of Tolkien themed dungeon synth. While this sounds like other releases, Lord of Waters separates itself from the pack with a record of minimal synth that is apart of the dungeon synth world but with portals opened to other avant dimensions. Ruminating, artsy, and escapist, Lord of Waters beckons its listener into the cold and dark palaces at the bottom of Ekkaia.