Ggu:ll – Waan ​:​ Hoon [Netherlands, Sludge / Doom] (2014)

Tartarus | 4-4-14

Tartarus | 4-4-14

Yep, Here is a time when I do not know whether to be more confused by the album title or the band name. I can take solace in the fact since there is literally zero information about this Dutch sludge doom band, I will never know how to pronounce this band name. Confusion is apart of the charm for Ggu:ll as the band has proven, to a very small audience, they are capable musicians with a near unsearchable band name.

Waan​:​Hoon is very short. At just two tracks the combined running time is under twenty minutes. This is fine as sludge does not need to be long to be super effective. Within the time it takes you to eat dinner, Ggu:ll presents a world where everything is terrible and nothing will ever make it better. The misery contained in the riffs of “Hoon” erode the interior of hope and optimism. The gravel born cry of the lead vocalist hearkens back to sludge’s early days when hate and disdain were the hallmarks of a good time. Despite the crushing doom which the band offers, the instrumentation for Waan​:​Hoon lies on the groovy side of stoner doom and makes the experience near enjoyable. Though things are bleak and hopeless, one can lean back and ride the rails for a very short miserable time.

Silence is king and in the empire of Ggu:ll, Waan​:​Hoon rules over everything. Previous material for the band does exist though their cryptic nature is beginning to carve out an identity. Perhaps this band will only exist in the periphery of ones vision. Perhaps they will disappear when searched for. Perhaps they just exist to cast a certain sharp gloom around this earth. Whatever it is, I am thankful that I am here for it.