Qrixkuor – Consecration of the Temple [UK, Death] (2014)

Self Released | 4-26-14

Self Released | 4-26-14

Oh man, here comes a flood of occult death. Qrixkuor is the name of a bird from a philosophical magic text written by Kenneth Grant. Grant’s work on the Thelemite religion continues the tradition popularized by Aleister Crowley. All of this is pretext to Qrixkuor, who may or may not have gone one step further in their image of obscured occultism. Ancient orders and mystic cults may now come with the cavernous sounds of echoing death.

Aside from the heavy cloak of image, Qrixkuor plays a very decent variety of deep end death. The amount of atmosphere prevalent in “Morte Datores” literally begs for a longer release. Qrixkuor’s ability to populate this large stone temple with squealing guitar solos and buried grooves is astounding. Additionally, the vocals are almost camouflaged within the mix leading to a sound that is otherworldly and near alien. This band has achieved an unsettling release even before you get into the ceremonial magic.

The demo is wonderful because it screams potential. This 2 song release from Qrixkuor speaks of the ability the band has to make an interesting EP or even full length. The 2 songs on Consecration of the Temple takes its audience on a brief tour of stone chambers with altars used to summon horrors from another world. I do not know how serious the band is with their imagery, but suffice to say I will not be looking too deeply into it as it is making me uncomfortable. Great job guys, you have made me worried for the safety of this reality.