Act of Impalement – Echoes of Wrath [US, Death / Doom / Black] (2014)

Self Released | 4-2-14

Self Released | 4-2-14

Sometimes releases are way too short. Actually most EPs and demos are way too short but that is sort of the point right? Act of Impalement’s 4th release follows three other short demos and EPs with their debut demo only 7 minutes long. Echoes of Wrath is at a healthy 11 minutes but I wonder what a full length release would bring. I only bring up length as Act of Implement’s potential in hitting an interesting mix of black, death, and doom is so entertaining, I wonder what the band would do given enough time, money, and a nurtured obsession with death by stake.

“Echoes of War” serves as the EP’s opener and follows a standard template of blackened death with minimal production. It is not until halfway through the song in which things slow down to a crawl and the doom clock slowly clicks back and forth. Though the whole production is raw, the mixing for Echoes of Wrath allows the rotting vocals to ride on top the triumphant instrumentation. This is an EP which seizes its listener by the throat and fully revels in the destruction of the flesh.

If I were to predict what will happen to Act of Impalement, it is hopefully a future release with larger sponsors. Echoes of Wrath serves as a point of interest to a black / death / doom seedling which could blossom into one of the ugliest plants given enough darkness. Though Echoes of Wrath is a perfectly fine release, the potential for Act of Implement is far greater which gives cause for excitement and anticipation.