Gatecreeper – Gatecreeper [US, Death] (2014)

Goatprayer Records | 4-29-14

Goatprayer Records | 4-29-14

Hands down on of the coolest album covers this year as it perfectly illustrates the type of otherworldly terror which Gatecreeper has unleashed. I am a big fan of album art especially when the visal side complements or echoes the music inside. I am also a huge fan of any band, which may make light references to Magic the Gathering cards. It is time search for a basic land card or a Gate card, reveal it, put it into your hand, shuffle your library, and prepare to be consumed.

If anything can be said for Gatecreeper is their insatiable desire for grooves. From the opening track “Void Below”, this band rides the mossy rails of hell and explores the relationship between destruction and rhythm. Gatecreeper’s desire to surround themselves with riffs and melodies is admirable as some death metal allows itself to run wild with utter abandon. This is raw and violent and by the last track “Slave,” one will understand the meaning of measured punishment. Gatecreeper make music which allows one to clench their fists and beat rhythmically against the soft earth or a crumbling wall. Perhaps both.

Gatecreeper’s demo is short and also available for a small fee. From what I can gather this is the first release from a band which shows great promise in crafting death metal which connects with its audience. Whether or not that connection comes with bruised limbs and a fat lip is completely up to the situation.