Slaughtbbath / Hades Archer [Chile, Black] (2014)

Iron Bonehead | 5-9-14

Iron Bonehead | 5-9-14

South American black and death metal is ferocious to the point of being scary. The continent had developments of black and death metal much like the same from the Europe and America but did it with a raw sensibility with less concern about genre distinction. Even this split between two Chilean black metal artists sounds like a cross between black, death, and some sort of exploding swine monster. There is no wispy atmosphere from here on out, only bowels of the underworld where flesh is consumed nightly.

Hades Archer is the more brief between the two. With their songs ranging from the 2 to 4 minute range, this black metal this duo came to prominence in 2008 with one of the most Juvenal EP titles in the history of metal. Alright, maybe not the most but pretty close. Regardless, Hades Archer is a caustic blend of rotting black metal pours over the listener in a coastal flood of bile, hatred, and festering debris. Add to this the backdrop of radio chatter over the chaos and one has an interesting side which lasts all of 12 minutes. If Hades Archer was the shock troops sent in front. Slaughtbbath is the tank which follows closely behind. This three piece takes focuses their attention on a slower rhythmic destruction which burns a path with hellfire. I feel Slaughtbbath is less immediate yet their music carries a deep seated blasphemy which is mature and resonating. the few songs which reside at the end of this split are unsettling on an existential level.

Splits are wonderful because they can showcase great talent without the pressure of full length releases. Unless included in a top split of the year, this Iron Bonehead release will just be something really fun for a dedicated audience. I do not expect many to allow Hades Archer and Slaughtbbath into their hearts but if they do, they will feel a sudden tightness of the chest followed by shortness of breath.