Sadhus, The Smoking Community – Sadhus, The Smoking Community [Greece, Stoner Sludge] (2014)

Self Released | 7-15-14

Self Released | 7-15-14

First of all, I hope I got the grammar right for this band name. It could be Sadhus: the Smoking Community or Sadhus…The Smoking Community. Regardless of what is sounds like when said out loud is second to the fact about what it implies. If the album cover depicting figures in animal masks being engulfed in a psychedelic whirpool was not enough for you, wait until the scuttling sound of stoned doom obliterates the sky. As strange as this band’s name is, their vision for a scorched earth under hazed clouds is pretty clear.

Sadhus, The Smoking Community occupies a strong end of the stoner spectrum. This side of the spectrum is reserved for the sound which has blown its own brains out on heavy riffs and follows suit with a raspy distorted voice. Taking heavy cues not only from bands like Bongzilla but thrashy punk, Sadhus, The Smoking Community makes an immediate impression on its audience with heavy riffs and an attitude befitting of delinquents. This type of doom is versatile in it can be very short and direct in songs like “Colombian Boat Blues” but also super lackadaisical about time with others like its standout title track. Sadhus, The Smoking Community benefits from these moments where the music creeps past the 5 minute mark as the band has an intention of slow destruction through hammering tones.

It is important to realize that through all of this, the experience is nothing but invigorating. Doom can get dreary at times and even its stoner cousin can be a drag to experience in full. Sadhus, The Smoking Community, the record as well as the band, is a wild ride through dark swamps which radiate iridescent colors. This may not be the music for every stoned occasion but it certainly fits a certain personality — one which sits in the corner with an unsettling smile and eyes looking into eternity.