Kvlthammer – Kvlthammer [US, Black / Speed / Punk] (2014)

Self Released | 7-15-14

Self Released | 7-15-14

Alright. I like every single thing about this band aside fromt he name. The artwork. The style. the fact that is pretty much a self released. Everything except for the name. Shit, if it was “Culthammer,” I would be fine but the use of KVLT just makes me cranky. Perhaps it is all apart of a tongue in cheek atmosphere which is suppose to distract you from the hay-maker aimed at your jawline. whatever it is, Kvlthammer follows in step with bands like Midnight and Speedwolf and offers a biker bar full of demons with chains wrapped around their scaly fists. Hold your breath and wait for the madness.

Kvlthammer unearths a simple style yet its sound is so underutilized that the times heard is an absolute treat. Compared to all of the other genres of heavy music, why wuld a band not want to explore the whiskey breath depths of dark speed worship? It is a sound which only works given the right amount of attitude. Songs like “Hounds” and “Hesh Trip” could only be pulled off given the right outlook on life. Kvlthammer plays a simple style of music yet the subtle aspects of the music including the pronounced string bends which make this whole record so enjoyable. D-Beat isn’t known for its technical prowess yet its execution only comes when the whole band is focused and talented enough to make it badass.

I believe Kvlthammer’s music is the only thing which can justify the cover depicting a reaper abducting a naked women on a charging ram through a cemetery. Just writing that sentence was ridiculous but within the context of the record, it makes sense. Everything makes sense. The church bell sound effects. The rotting punk aesthetic. Everything including these beer bottle lacerations makes sense with Kvlthammer. Tongue in cheek name aside, this record is everything someone needs at this moment.