Merda Mundi – VI – Khaos [Belgium, Black] (2014)

Self Released | 7-6-14

Self Released | 7-6-14

It is difficult not to be repulsed by Merda Mundu. This Belgium black metal project takes its name from a Latin translation meaning “shit of the world” and the project’s Bandcamp proudly exclaims songs and albums as “musical excrement.” This, combined with punishing mid fi black metal makes for dynamic terror which has the potential to scare the living. Whatever creator Déhà seems to be doing though is all for a purpose. Whether that purpose is covering the whole world in a mixture of beauty and defilement is a conversation for later.

One of the most attractive aspects for Merda Mundi is the fact it is one aspect in a multi-project, multi-genre universe helmed by one person. I have already made mention for my admiration for one man or women metal and Merda Mundi seems to have taken that into cosmic proportions. In addition to the excrement obsessed black metal project is an atmospheric doom creation Imber Luminis, a two piece black/doom project Yhdarl and a host of non metal ambient and piano works. Prolific ambition is something to celebrate and Merda Mundi’s six release VI – Khaos a coherent nightmare in a lifetime of staying awake.

As mentioned before, VI – Khaos is a well produced mid level black metal record. In fact, compared to even the 2008 EP III, the production value has adsorbed atmospheric and even symphonic qualities. Songs like “Agnus Satani” fill vaulted ceilings with the right amount of filth and plague. Though each part of the mix is armed with knives, the balance between voice, guitar, and unearthly drums lands with precision. VI – Khaos is perhaps a perfect entry point into a world not only filled with various styles of black metal but music from a talented and sleep deprived creator.