〇 – Null & Void [Iceland, Doom / Black] (2014)

Vánagandr | 8-11-14

Vánagandr | 8-11-14

Oh goodness golly. what are the chances I would stumble on two interesting Icelandic metal albums in the same month? What are the chances that I would stumble on on two great Icelandic metal records from the same label who only has three acts signed? The odds are getting astronomically slim. I believe I should count my blessings as the mysterious act known as 〇 has come to the world to cast a shroud of misery and gloom over the skies.

Null & Void presents itself with a wonderful introduction of doom. At the heart of this record is a desire the play slow and worship at the altar of atmospheric gloom. This is accomplished by having one 30 minute track with no breaks. While this actual track length may seem short for a doom record, 〇 accomplishes a career span of hate and anguish in under an hour. On top of this foundation of doom are the banshee wails of the singer S. Ström. The choked cries work exceptionally well over the mountain of rubble created by the instrumentation. Null & Void‘s length, effectiveness, and general neglect in the larger metal world may work for its favor as it is one of the more interesting records of the year.

For a country with under 100 registered metal bands, the country of Iceland, and the major hubs of Reykjavík have made themselves known as a formidable export in absolute devastation. This is funny after only two records but If I were buying stock in the international heavy metal trade market, I would make a large purchase for the land up North.