Morgirion – None Left To Worship [US, Black] (2014)


NoVisible Scars | 1-3-14

NoVisible Scars | 1-3-14

That is totally a hand drawn cassette cover which has been photocopied. I know it. I love it. There is nothing much more to say about this cover as it fits perfectly the music inside. Morgirion is a Connecticut based black metal band who has already has a decently produced full length on 2012 called Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise. It was good. It is actually right here and for as much as you want to pay for it. None Left To Worship is a live album or live recording of four new songs. Whatever evenly paced production was present in the first record has been told to fuck off leaving water damaged wreckage with an echo of vile hatred. Imagine all of the damages.

I have always enjoyed when the lack of production compliments the music. The barbaric nature of Morgirion is amplified when processed through lo fidelity. The raw power and excitement of either a basement show or bare bones recording studio shows a band that is best left unpolished. None Left to Worship is a disgusting record but I can’t think of any better way to compliment these Nw England gentlemen. Um, your cover looks like it it came out of a satanic 8th grader from the 90’s. No seriously. I really like you guys, I am trying to be your friends.

Notice in this review how I did not make jokes surrounding the recording fidelity. I feel it is easier to come up with jokes involving toolsheds and tin cans than to actually accept the possibility that the absence of production valuer can add dimension to music. None Left to Worship is a fantastic demo/live record which further expands undervalued USBM. It exists for people who enjoy the type of sound which thrives in anguish and toil. It is also for people who collect cassettes and need a Xeroxed tape for their shelf.