Lvcifyre – Svn Eater [UK, Black/Death] (2014)

Dark Descent Records | 1-27-14

Dark Descent | 1-27-14

It takes Lvcifyre’s second record, Svn Eater 4 whole minutes to work up to the full tempo heard in the rest of the album. This UK band seems to be taking their time establishing themselves which is fitting as Svn Eater has been somewhat discussed and hyped since late 2013. The partial success in this anticipation rests with Dark Descent being a reliable dealer of particularly grim heavy metal. It also helps as the cover depicts a foreboding landscape of ruin and and destruction. Dark Descent has had a history aof spectacular releases including last year’s sleeping hit Temple Nightside. This year maybe the time for Lvcifyre.

Lucifyre employs black death as a means to paint their world which is currently in flames. The balance between black and death metal, historically, utilizes the strengths of both styles leading to a sound which is menacing in the low end but also unique in the high. Lvcifyre does this with rousing success and manages to scare listeners with surprise and tenacity. Songs like “The Fiery Spheres of the Seven,” “Chalice of Doom,” and the album’s title track are a testament to the ability to remind everyone heavy metal can still be frightening. It is. I am quivering. There is even room for ill fitting guitar solos which skirt criticism by adding to the confusion. Though Svn Eater is a deluge of chaos, its strengths rest in a sonic balance which seem to be only used for the greater advancement of darkness. It maybe the most listenable black death in recent memory.

Svn Eater is perhaps the first album that I have been actively looking froward to. Its release date takes a large chance of being forgotten throughout the year but something tells me this record will be a glowing beacon through the turbulent waters of 2014. By beacon I mean lighthouse that is engulfed in flames. By lighthouse, I mean crumbling spire among hellish pandemonium.