Begrime Exemious – Primeval Satellite [Canada, Black/Death] (2014)

Dark Descent Records | 8-31-14

Dark Descent Records | 8-31-14

Yes. Yes. Yes? Yes! Let us get something perfectly clear. Metal comes in many varieties from the very dense and intellectual to the straight emotional and explosive. While I am sure Primeval Satellite has its heady qualities, this new EP from Canada has similar qualities to a case of beer sitting in a bath of ice in a hotel tub. Things are about to go down and none of it is going to pretty in the morning. Oh what is that? Whiskey? Put it right into my beer.

EPs and demos, traditionally, have a lighter weight than full lengths. Begrime Exemious’ latest release has an air of raucous joy attached to it. Aside from the Nuclear Assault cover at the end, songs like “Wolf Hound Bitch” and “Entrails & Barbed Wire” have a certain feeling of crude and loud humor. Add to this the guitar solos which descent from piles of trash and a singer who digs a hole in the floor with closed fists and one has a soundtrack for a dinner with werewolves. With all that said, it should be noted that Primeval Satellite retains about the same disposition heard on previous releases which is nothing short of stalking terror and calculated horror. This is a band which will be recognized in the near future if for nothing else than the fact they finally caught your trail.

The fun assessment of Begrime Exemious is not to reduce the band’s ability to make effective black/death rather showcase their versatility in making that carnage entertaining. While the band could easily have layered their sound with noise and dissonance, the presence of riffs and dark hooks is hypnotic when combined with the other dripping qualities of the release. You see, I say this now but in the morning I am going to wake up with a headache and a belly full of liquor and beer.