Space Witch – Space Witch [UK, Sludge / Doom] (2014)

Self Released | 7-3-14

Self Released | 7-3-14

I mean, come on. Why not? Space Witch’s debut full length begins with a shlocky sci fi clip of a maniacal overlord wishing destruction on earth. Afterwards, a slow deluge of stoner doom floods the landscape while effects dance in the air. By looking at the tracklist, Space Witch’s self titled release has two songs both coming in at 30 minutes. It does not take a genius to figure out what the next hour will be and smell like. With all of that said, this British band manages to make the best of expectations and give its listeners a wild ride through mind melting cosmic space.

If anything can be considered paramount for Space Witch it is tone. This makes for an interesting record as the entirety of Space Witch is instrumental. Throughout both the dismal “Worship the Void” and more upbeat “Alchemy Paradox,” the tone of the instruments is held in reverence. Whether or not it is the traditional sludge doom tone of the guitar or the suffocating pillow case of the bass and drums, Space Witch sounds like they are riding the excitement of the way their instruments sound. Sludge doom is no stranger to long passage of music yet an entire instrumental approach is sometimes rare. Space Witch seems ready for the challenge and plunges into the record with feverish abandon and potentially glassy eyes.

Aside from the million weed jokes that could be made, the ability to craft an hour long instrumental record which doesn’t repeat itself or become stale is impressive. Though Space Witch hovers around the same territory for the majority of the record, the texture that is created in both loud and soft portions of the song is nothing but entertaining. Space Witch is perfect for playing in the background while doing a majority of tasks include housework, exercising, or coasting helpless further into unknown space while one’s oxygen slowly depletes. Space Witch is a versatile record full of excitement and eventual terror.