13th Moon – Abhorrence of Light [Spain, Black / Death] (2014)

Nigrum Serpentis | 3-21-14

Nigrum Serpentis | 3-21-14

Here comes the atmosphere — it rains down in torrents of dark water. Finding 13th Moon was part of my concentrated effort to try and gather all of the stray releases of this year before the end. I had heard rumors of an evil entity emanating from Spain, but I never believed it to be true. As the year draws into its autumn season, the looming shape of despair hangs heavy over the band’s debut full length..

Abhorrence of Light comes at only 25 minutes despite it being advertised as a full length. If it were not for the effective nature of everything in the record, I would be upset at the length. Because the band has made 25 minutes seem like an eternity spent in the depths of a bone strewn cavern, there is no room for complaint. Whether or not it is the atmospheric passages or the crushing obliteration of the record’s three pillar tracks, everything in Abhorrence of Light works without noticeable flaw. Though the production is a little thin for the type of music being played, 13th Moon creates a world which is horrifying and something which is approaching supernatural.

13th Moon has been around for a few years making demos to small acclaim. The bones and corpses which adorn the band’s artwork and videos is nothing but fitting as the type of music is something which is no longer living but still able to move. I feel that I get more metaphorical when a record has this much drive and craft to succeed. Abhorrence of Light does everything it set out to do with much room left over to admire. This year maybe the time for mystic death.