Nekrofilth – Acid Brain [US, Death / Thrash / Punk] (2014)

Self Released | 10-6-14

Self Released | 10-6-14

There will be no fucks given from this point on. In fact, I may even cut this review short so I can dropkick my computer monitor. If Nekrofilth had a banner waving of them, it would undoubtedly have some sort of vulgar phrase and maybe a crudely drawn penis. Maybe it would be on fire and flinging shit all over you and your date. Maybe it will set your car on fire. Who gives a fuck? Stop crying.

Though Nekrofilth sounds like an entity that has been around for years, this US band has only been making vile music for the past 5 years much to the appreciation of a few people. The band’s previous record, Devil’s Breath was released by the very venerable Hell’s Headbanger. Now this group of miscreants are independently releasing the Acid Brain EP much like one throws an empty bottle into a crowded playground. If all of these analogies, seem strange wait until the teeth grinding crunch of groovy death thrash.

Nekrofilth plays their part perfectly. If one was looking for near chaos but held together by threads of hooks then Acid Brain will be perfect for you. If one enjoys a healthy dose of punkish snot mixed with their heavy metal, then I can think of no other way to spend a drunken Tuesday afternoon. Responsibilities? How about I chew on your esophagus for awhile while you shut your dirty mouth?