Sedna – Sedna [Italy, Sludge / Black] (2014)

Drown Within Records | 10-20-14

Drown Within Records | 10-20-14

Sedna comes all the way from Italy on a very tiny and very new record label called Drown Within Records. I say tiny becasue there are two other bands present with much difference between the rosters. I only make mention of the record label as Sedna does not seem like a band who is finding their way rather one that has a lot of things already figured out. The band’s name, album title, and even artwork may not give any clear indication to what lies inside, yet Sedna’s music conveys a well of information in which the listener finds themselves consumed.

To begin, Sedna’s music is based in post metal. I used the sludge genre becasue old post metal is really just atmospheric sludge. This is what Sedna plays similar to bands of the late 90’s like Neurosis and their acolytes. Though each of the tracks are over 10 minutes, each of the songs on Sedna’s self titled debut feels not like songs stretched out into double digits rather songs with extended sections worthy of its traveling time. The album’s first track, “Sons of the Ocean” spends quite a bit of time in crescendos before crashing in waves of cries. Other tracks like “Life | Ritual” are atmospheric experimentation which would probably be grating at 5 minutes on any other record but wedged between titan length sludge tracks feels the correct time.

Sedna’s success becasue of many things. For one, the band is made up of competent musicians who have a mastery over atmosphere and attention. Their record was mastered by Colin Marston whose work with dozens of other metal bands including his own gives Sedna’s debut a sturdy and professional sound. Secondly, the band’s newness makes their debut more of a surprise which never wains off during it entirety. Sedna’s debut and Drown Within have made Italy a noticeable place place for unconventional metal and gives hope for more left field surprises in the future.