Wederganger – Gelderse Drek [Netherlands, Black] (2014)

Self Released | 1-1-14

Self Released | 1-1-14

I believe, more than anything, it was the aesthetic which drove me into the rotting arms of this Danish black metal band. Though this band’s demo only comes in two songs, the combination of decent black metal, low baritone crooning, and shrill banshee vocals was enough to sit down and listen to whatever they were saying. Add to this the absolute devotion to Germanic folklore and undeath and they could say anything they wanted and I would be enthralled. Gelderse Drek was released earlier this year but is now seeing release by a small company called Daemon Worship. Thank the floating crypt ghasts this release did not go unnoticed.

Because demos are not restrained by any sort of convention, sometimes the release length will be 40 minutes and other times, it will be 11. Gelderse Drek is the later and becomes near infuriating becasue its two songs propose one of the more interesting combinations of swinging black metal combined with a conversation of melodies and cries. Wederganger manages to acheive the true meaning of a demo by releasing two stellar tracks and then taking their damn ball and going home. Because the band does not have any more music to their name, Gelderse Drek becomes a demo that is played repeatable not becasue of affection rather necessity. It is so good and I am so angry right now.

Wederganger’s possible full length could be filled with many things. The band’s love for the occult and undead lore could literally produce three solid albums of material. The band already has the focus and talent do do great things. I am actually getting slightly upset and impatient becasue I want more from this band. If Gelderse Drek was intended as a massive tease, then this band has accomplished in ruining my day. I hope you know, I am going to be right here waiting. Goddamn it.