Xatatax – Demo 2014 [US, Doom/Thrash/Crust] (2014)

Self Released | 7-12-14

Self Released | 7-12-14

When a band has their first single release titled “Barf at the Moon,” one can make a couple of guesses at what the band’s body of work will contain. Xatatax may have a couple of surprises here and there but audiences can safely bet on further releases being similar to a house party which is both collapsing as well as engulfed in flames. The band’s name is a palindrome which is fitting as their music is both filthy forwards and back.

Xatatax fits many styles ranging from sludge to crust to thrash to doom. While the variance is high for the band, the music fits into a shared universe of energetic mayhem which gives no fucks whether or not there will be permanent damage in the morning. Though it seems like I am lauding this band’s music without any criticism, Demo 2014 fits every expectation and makes tremendous use of its production and time. With titles like “Audrey Hepburnvictim,” it is difficult not to get caught up in the frenzy of excitement.

When giving this to friends and family, I always made mention who this music would fit into a basement show lit by a spare bulb. Though this doesn’t really aim for the highest stars, Xatatax is apart of a dingy world where the punk spirit is re animated by a metal aesthetic. The near hand-drawn cover is fitting for a style that is both fueled by some of the most confrontation styles of popular music. Drink your whiskey with the dead and punch a coffin lid from the inside.