Gramarye – Spellbound in Black Majesty [US, Black] (2021)


Signal Rex | 6-18-21

Gramarye is a new band on the scene from Minneapolis, Minnesota – a land that rivals much of North America in its cold winters. Given that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are pretty darn far inland, it’s no wonder they get some extreme temperatures on both sides of the equation. (See also: Fairbanks, Alaska – where 100 degree Fahrenheit days are not uncommon.) This is Gramarye’s second demo, released just several months after the first one. It’s 21 minutes of raw black metal and echoing vocals, with the guitar fuzz taking center-stage. Lord Ülzetaere (awesome name) roars on this one, throwing all kinds of manic vocal approximations of shrieking ghouls, bellowing ghosts, and associated distorted mayhem. There are some cool little bookends that make each track unique – with “Vomit from the Serpent’s Mouth” finishes in that curious noise akin to some Portal tracks in their early albums. The title track ends with swirling synths and dungeon-esque effects, recalling the creepier side of Paysage d’Hiver’s “Kerker”. Only three months til Halloween.

Snorri – Putrid Black Fucking Metal Of Death [Australia, Black / Death] (2016)

Signal Rex | 7-8-16

Singal Rex | 7-8-16

Signal Rex is a recent discovery in terms of record labels. This outfit based in Portugal seems to have a pretty good grasp on a new outcropping of black and death bands which are by most measurements, fucking disgusting. Australian madmen, Snorri waves the banner for Signal Rex with their apt demo entitled Putrid Black Fucking Metal Of Death. If I were to think of a sentence to describe Singla Rex and what they are going for, this would be a good stand by.

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