Siberian Hell Sounds – ⍲⍕⍎⍱ [Australia, Grindcore / Black] (2015)

Self Released  | 3-9-15

Self Released | 3-9-15

Ugly. This is ugly. In fact, “ugly” is the first and maybe only word which came to mind after hearing Australia’s Siberian Hell Sounds. In fact, before even hearing the music, a particularly grim suicide picture adorns the cover of the release. the band also comes with Lyrical themes of Violence, Anger, and Machinery. If you were thinking this was going to be anything else than a mortal trainwreck, then you are sorely mistaken. Luckily for everyone still here, Siberian Hell Sounds gives its audience something — and that something is relentless riffs.

⍲⍕⍎⍱ is a cryptic release from the band which seems to be in between a demo, EP , and fundrasing effort for their albums. Each of the symbols represents a track on the four song release. On the Bandcamp there is an endearing note of “Help us raise some money to press our last release and pay for an album cunts.” If the low tuned black/hardcore was not enough for you, then the band’s demeanor will be a perfect atmosphere to get you in the right space for this release. Siberian Hell Sounds relishes the relationship between heavy instrumentation and the unexpected frenzy of grindcore. The vocal work from Liam Barry ranges from shrieks, growls, to what sounds like the wails of a human caught in the throes of death. Are you excited yet?

If I at all made you despise the nature of this release, then I feel that it is the perfect place to start for ⍲⍕⍎⍱. The band is acerbic in nature and uses that hatred to funnel aggression into pounding rhythm. If the band was straight noise, it would still have the right aura to be a little bit intriguing. The fact that its music is deceptively accessible masks the fact that this band is a nothing more than a dealer in existential torment. I hope more from this band in the future as long as they do not self implode under the weight of heaviness and grief.