Negative Vortex – Tomb Absolute [US, Death] (2015)

Caligari Records | 3-18-15

Caligari Records | 3-18-15

Oh got it. This is what the end of reality looks like. Negative Vortex is an American / Brazilian death combo which has little information save for a few snippets on Caligari Records and a few other blogs like CVLT Nation. What is known about Tomb Absolute is that all of the light adjectives such as punishing, pulverizing, and chaotic are apt for this 25 minute demo which is really just a whirlwind of insanity.

Caligari Records has always been reliable in their distribution of underground music. Though Negative Vortex sounds very traditional in their ability to play maddening death, the echo and depth on Tomb Absolute fits so perfectly with the aesthetic of Caligari. While the band has no real lyrical themes listed, the occult like cover plus the angular atmosphere of songs like “Tomb Absolute” and “Chant for the Undertaker” are near amazing in their attempt to unravel mental well being. Each of these four songs is over 5 minutes in length but sometimes feel like an eternity trapped under heavy sacrificial stones.

Negative Vortex has a long road ahead of them in terms of more releases and a larger audience. The band’s ability to craft entertaining and shredding death metal while also sustaining guttural croaks over slow riffs could only be destined for bigger arenas. Caligari is offering this demo on cassette which comes in a sepia case. The whole package looks like a page torn from an mystic tome which may or may not have been used to summon otherworldy beings.