Nachash – Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse [Norway, Black] (2015)

Unborn Productions | 2-10-15

Unborn Productions | 2-10-15

Oh man. This is not the Norwegian black you are thinking of. This is something so much cooler. This is atmospheric but not in the way normally attributed to this genre. This is something which is dark but with a completely different attitude. Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse maybe the first release from a band who has still yet time to spread its horrible wings but good goddamn will it be amazing when its fully grown.

Full disclosure. I love the sound of first wave black metal. I feel the early black metal sound gets ignored in favor of its more violent middle child and its weirdo youngest sibling. Nachash utilizes the inspiration of Master’s Hammer, Bathory, and Celtic Frost and throws it into an cavernous temple which drowns itself in echo. To make this sound more interesting, Nachash fully blows their minds on occult imagery which includes riding on solar beats and shapeless worms. Songs like “Scale the Inferno” are both immersive and horrifying in its vivid visions of eternal desolation. It takes a special type of band to allow oneself to clench their fists and yell in strange tongues.

My only complaint with the release is the Bandcamp starts on the last track “A Necromancer’s Lament” which is lacking in terms of production compared a solid three tracks preceding. Regardless, for the price of 4$, Conjuring The Red Death Eclipseis near essential for anyone who enjoys first wave black metal, occult themed heavy music, or any sort of combination of the two. I feel allowing Nachash into one’s heart will unfold a life spent in the arms of terrible looking demons.