Scorched – Scorched [US, Death] (2015)

Unspeakable Axe Records |  6-2-15

Unspeakable Axe Records | 6-2-15

Oh, Jesus. Look at that album art. It is so silly and awesome.

Scorched does not have a metal archives page as of yet. This is okay since the band has already has a substantial amount of press in Decibel, No Clean Singing, and other blogs regarding their debut self titled demo. Death metal has been growing for the past 10 years with newer bands building on the initial flowing of a traditional death metal sound. There have been few bands in recent memory which sound like they could have been released in 1992. For the most part, newer death is a mix of old, new, and mixtures which make a horrid and gruesome wall. Scorched, from logo, album title, to presentation, sounds like it could have been released in 1992. For all I know this Delaware based band could be time travelers sent forward to release their record in 2015. If not for the sheer excitement and entertainment contained in this demo, I would be be more wary. For now, it is just full of old fun riffs and festering ghouls and I have no complaints.

Scorched is such an accomplished throwback to the thrash ridden death of years past, I can not see where else this band will be able to go following this demo. From big riffs to foreboding atmosphere to having a self titled song on a cassette with ridiculous album cover , this band nails every single detail which makes this record more fun to listen to than possibly discuss. For as much as I am shorting the band on intellectual merit, it should be noted that the strongest aspect of Scorched comes from the band’s ability to make a well structured record which holds attention from beginning to end. In fact, Scorched has made such a strange impression on me, I might have to start flinging these cassettes at pedestrians in the street whilst blasting their music on a boombox.

Death metal has grown leaps and bounds in the various decades of its existence. It is interesting to see the evolution from the mid 00’s resurgence of death metal to bands which are currently utilizing the sound. Scorched may not be the best example of the sound’s evolution but laughing at old horror clips under sinister riffs sort of drowns out any sort of argument. Ill see you at in the big scary field behind this haunted house whilst being chased by a sadistic scarecrow before I’ll see you all in hell.